Anchor Crates’ Crate Products are designed to offer superior protection and support for a wide range of cargo during transportation and storage. Our crates are crafted from high-quality timber, ensuring durability and reliability. Whether it’s for road, sea, or air freight, our crates provide excellent protection for industrial and domestic goods. We specialize in custom-designed crates, tailored to meet the specific dimensions and handling requirements of your cargo, ensuring safe and secure transportation.

Custom Timber Crates

Anchor Crates specializes in custom-designed timber crates, catering to a wide variety of cargo needs. Each crate is tailored to the specific dimensions and weight requirements of your items, ensuring a perfect fit. Our attention to detail in design and manufacturing provides an added layer of security for your goods, whether they are being transported locally or internationally.

Robust Cargo Protection

Our high-quality timber crates are engineered for durability, offering robust protection for your goods during transit and storage. They are designed to withstand the rigors of transportation, protecting your cargo from environmental factors and handling stress, ensuring it arrives at its destination in optimal condition.

Versatile Crating Solutions

The range of crate solutions at Anchor Crates is diverse, suitable for everything from delicate electronics to heavy industrial equipment. We assess each cargo’s unique characteristics to provide the most appropriate crating solution, blending security with practicality.

Expert Craftsmanship

Anchor Crates brings expert craftsmanship in the design and manufacture of timber crates. Our skilled team combines traditional techniques with modern technology, producing crates that meet high standards of quality and reliability.

Safe & Efficient Handling

With our timber crates, you can expect safe and efficient handling of your cargo. The design of each crate facilitates easy loading and unloading, while ensuring the cargo remains secure throughout its journey.